Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Latest work

The 15mm WW2 American units have made it across the painting table. They are all winter units in greatcoats so essentially have been drybrushed, washed and highlighted. The thing that took the longest was the bases. They needed 2-3 drybrushes with progressively lighter grey to give me the right melting snow look I needed. As the entire point was to develop units for the Bulge, they have been worth the effort. I have lots of Shermans in my XXX Corps army, and I have deliberately left off decals that would prevent me switching them from UK to US ownership. I'm sure someone will point out that they're the wrong colour green for one or the other, but I don't care. Since they are all basecoated in Vallejo Nato green and then washed in green or brown ink, they are meant to look generic. After all, a sherman is a sherman is a sherman.

Most of my hobby stuff is in storage after the shed collapsed, so I am limited to what I can do. For example, I've just done a load of 10mm ACW but have realised that the 1'x3/4 bases I was using for F&F are in the storage unit and right at the back. So I've moved on to some Imaginations stuff. I have 300 20mm SYW Austrians, and at the moment I'm experimenting with colour schemes. One of the nations represents Prussia, but I don't want to follow Austrian colour schemes as the whole point of imaginations is to be as wacky as you want. I'm toying with the idea of Bavarian Blue coats with pink facings and white breeches for the first regiment. They will be the La Reine's Regiment de Fru Fru, commanded by his lordship Le Baron du M'Oncle, who once left his pen somewhere he can't remember.

Eventually these two nations will be joined by one based on AWI British and US Militiamen. I'm doing all this in 20mm plastics, and buying units when I see a likely job lot on ebay. Although set in the Horse and Musket period, I might bring in some Napoleonics, especially for cavalry and artillery since there are few sets of these for the SYW/AWI period, meaning I may have to pay full price for them. Alternatively I could pad them out with a few 20mm metals.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

More work

I have now managed to add 56 Austrian 28mm Landwehr to the done pile. Some 10mm Crimean British guards are next up. As they are wearing greatcoats, I've done a heavy grey drybrush over the black undercoat to everything except skin, and then will go back and pick out the webbing etc. Once done it will give me a reasonable force for Black Powder so I'll need some Russians. Maybe I can get them if I go to Warfare next month.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

I have been busy

In my last post, I said I hoped I could get some hobbying done. That was an understatement! So far whilst off work I have managed to do the following:
40k 8th edition Pox walkers and Death guard army
30 Blood reivers for AoS/40k.
4x30 man 10mm Crimean British Inf Reg
4x12 10mm Crimean British Light Cav
A whole 15mm French wars of religion Catholic army from Essex.

Not bad going. The real rate limiting step is I now have run out of really usfull boxes and need to get some more, but am dependent on my wife finding time and inclination to take me.
I have also managed to redraft 3 chapters of a dissertation.
I will still be off work for around another 3 weeks, so hope to get more done, ready for the new man cave to be finished.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Ongoing Work

I have ruptured my achilles tendon so have 5-6 weeks on crutches. This is making getting any hobbying done very difficult. I have painted the Primaris marines from the new 8th edition 40k box as blood angels, and am reasonably happy with the results. I started with a dark red then a red wash followed by 2 layers of highlights. The trickiest part was applying the transfers for the chapter markings as they didn't want to slide off the backing paper easily.
The Nurgle marines are just waiting for their bases to be done, and then I'll start on the pox walkers.
At the same time I've managed to do 2 frost giants from Bones. This look like oversized viking dwarves so will be an addition to my Dwarf army. At the moment this has a regiment of pike and shot dwarves that are true 25mm but look like gnomes next to GW or Mantic dwarves. I think I will treat them as gnomes, but they are still a great unit. My ongoing plan is to develop armies for 3rd Edition Warhammer from a variety of sources. For example, I have some of the new Chaos Warriers from the Age of Sigmar and will use them both as Khorne cultists for 40k as well as Chaos marauders for Fantasy.
With my leg injury it is unlikely that I'll get to either Colours or Warfare. Hopefully this means I can work on the lead mountain.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Sorry for the delay

I've neglected this blog for a while due to real world issues. I have a dissertation to write and that means my evenings are spoken for. Having said that I have managed to keep going on the lead mountain. I know I said that the next project would be 10mm Crimean, but I've been playing a lot of Rapid Fire with ny youngest son, and have realised there were missing units for my british and Germans. This prompted me to get a box of the 15mm bren carriers from PSC, as well as some Lorraine Schleppers. To this was added an Achilles tank destroyer and the 25 lbers from PSC.
Since we've been playing so much I got the battle of the bulge scenario book so had to get some Americans. I scored a good deal on ebay, and acquired a squad of Priest tanks with an op Sherman, as well as an Armoured rifle company and an infantry company in greatcoats. To this I added a box of heavy weapons from PSC. When complete I think I can field most of the troops needed for the bulge scenarios if I don't mind using British Shermans.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Featherstone Weekend

For the fourth year I made my way to the excellent Wargames Holiday centre in Basingstoke. It is a little more bijou than last year but actually it means that you use all the table space and the second six foot wide table isn't just a place for storing dead troops.
The battle this year was Blenheim using Black Powder. As they are designed to be the rules were amended slightly. This meant that firing came before movement, but actually this encouraged you to shoot in charges, as well as rotating troops to ensure the least disrupted made the attack. It made more sense than using brigades till they were slaughtered to a man.
We played the battle through twice over  the weekend. The first time I had a purely cavalry command of French line and Guard cavalry. Opposite me was Henry Hyde with an Anglo-Hanovarian command. This proceeded to do its best Pacman impression and munched it's way through my command. Both my brigades were broken by just after lunch on Saturday. Given a similar fate had been suffered by the rest of the Franco-Bavarian army, we called it a day and set up again with the two teams swapping commands. Although we aimed to ensure that no-one was directly opposite their previous adversary, I ended up facing Henry again, but this time attacking Blenheim with 3 infantry brigades. Sadly the result was the same, and by the end of the game on Sunday afternoon, all 3 Brigades had broken.
Steve Thompson had taken over from Henry who had to go and deal with real life issues, and I was very pleased when he won "most gentlemanly gamer".

This was the second time I'd played Black Powder, but the first against someone other than my son. I think if you are looking for a ultradetailed set of rules that are period exclusive, then look elsewhere. If on the other hand you want a set of rules that don't burn your brain, give results that feel right, and can be played whilst having a laugh with your opponent, then these are the ones. I came back with all kinds of ideas, but have decided to finish the 15mm Persians first. After that I'm going to look at the 10mm Crimeans I got at Crusade. I'm thinking of going with a 100x40 base per regiment with 30 castings on it. With Black powder not needing base removal, they can be little dioramas. The reality of course may be quite different.

Monday, 13 March 2017


Possibly due to the effect of cammo overload, I've not been as productive as I'd hoped recently. I finished off all the Germans and have done another 62 20mm British to oppose them.
The next project was to finish off my 15mm Ancient Persians from the first War and Empire set. These are almost as bad as the Germans with their multicoloured clothes, but I've decided on just block colours to retain my sanity. I've done 40, only another 160 to go before I can do the cavalry. Although the castings are lovely I wish they had a slightly bigger base. Some of the poses are top heavy and even with quick acting superglue and direct pressute they still fall over. This makes the fact I've lots more to do slightly daunting.
Off to the Featherstone Weekend this week. It's Blenhem this year and Black Powder rules so looking forward to a good game. I will report back next week.