Saturday, 22 August 2009

this week

So I've finished the Sash and Sabre Russians, as well as a WW1 german fleet. Thanks to Neil Shuck I've branched out into a new period - Vietnam. However I've tried to limit the cost by going 20mm Plastic. 48 US special forces and NVA for £10. So now have to see if the painting goes to plan. When I've tried to paint plastics in the past i've had trouble with the paint peeling off after a while, so tried a new undercoat of PVa glue. then will undecoat in black. When they're finished i'll try to post some photos.
Next on the table are some Front Rank Austrians from e-bay.

Lead Mountain
bought 96
painted 50 + 15 ships

balance +31 oops (again)

Friday, 14 August 2009

this week I've mainly been

Well I've finally finished the Victrix 28mm British. I have to say that the sheer number of figures was daunting but the end results are good. Not convinced that you need 4 officers and drummers though.
On the reading front I've just read an account of the Agincourt campaign which has rekindled my interest in the 100 years war. I think perhaps I'll wait and see if I'm still interested when the Perry plastics come out.
Now on the painting table are 50 sash and saber 28mm Napoleonic Russians who are almost done. Then it's off to WW1 for a bit I think .....

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Don't be cruel

So I've worked out how to upload pictures and here is a very bad shot of my 28mm Austrian Cuirrassiers and then some EIR. Just re based them onto 40x40 bases. This will work for both foundry's rule and General de Brigade (I think) . In the background you can see the carnage that is my painting table. As you can just about make out I use a mix of Vallejo and citadel paints pretty much interchangeably. It's heresy I know but I then varnish with a gloss varnish. I like my toy soldiers to look like toy soldiers. Also it helps when my son drops them onto the floor.

The Romans are from foundry. I went to one of their open days and ended up buying more than I needed. I think at the last count I had enough to make a century in 1:1 scale together with another of auxiliaries. Given that I've still got a box or two of Warlord plastics to put together I think in the end I might try for a complete legion (cue evil cackle of megalomania)

the painting front has been quiet. I've almost finished the first box Victrix british, and halfway through 50 Sash and Sabre Nap. Russians (bought direct when the dollar was very weak). Getting fed up with all the cuffs and collars so I think I might do some celts after these are finished before the Duchy of Warsaw infantry (impulse e-bay buy together with 48 french in bicornes)

So in terms of decreasing the lead mountain:
Painted 52
Bought 80

balance +28 ooops!