Tuesday, 28 June 2016

May-June update

After the bring and buy I put everything I didn't sell onto ebay with good effect. This has allowed me to add to several projects. I've had this itch at the back of my mind to do 10mm Napoleonics with a single battalion on a 100x40 base. I saw a relatively new company, Lancer Miniatures, was doing French in bicornes so got a starter army. This could allow me to do the early/revolutionary wars leaving the Spencer Smiths and 28mm plastics for the later periods. I'll keep you informed of how it goes.
On the painting table I'm plodding through the 15mm Persians. Although the colours are interesting, there are a lot of them to get painted. I've done I think 8 stands and am only a quarter of the way through the infantry. Alongside them I've managed to complete 3 French Hussars in 40mm for Sharp Practice 2, and a squad or two of space marines so I can play 30k with my youngest son.
I'm off on holiday soon so want to make a dent in the lead mountain before the summer break, but it might not be as big as I had hoped. Still, I've still managed to sell and paint more than I've bought so am on target to be lead neutral for the year.