Monday, 29 March 2010

Just been looking at the lead mountain, and thought I'd share it with the world:
WW1 10mm Russians - 2 armies
WW1 10mm Austrians - 1 army
1866 10mm Austrians - 4 armies
All from Pendraken

1870 French 10mm - 4 brigades of infantry and on of heavy cavalry - from Magister Millitum.

24 28mm Greek Hoplites
24 28mm Crimean British inf
30 28mm Bavarians for FPW
12 28mm WW1 British Cavalry
24 28mm WW1 German Cavalry
90 28mm Sea Peoples
16 28mm SYW British Inf
50 28mm SYW Prussian Hussars
6mm Baccus Austrian and French armies
6mm Baccus WSS French and Bavarians

Boxes of the following plastics:
Warlord ECW (10)
Warlord Romans
Warlord Ancient British (2)
Perry French Curraissiers (2)
LOTR Rohan army
Cadian IG (2)
Space marines (3)

As well as 3 boxes of 1/72 celts my son has asked me to paint for him.

I think at my current rate of painting I should finish this in about 2-3 years! But only if I don't waste time gaming!
I had thought of going to Salute but will have second thoughts - especially with the release of plastic vikings and hoplites!

Perhaps my daughter has done me a favour and I should aim to be lead/plastic neutral this year.
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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Dawn of War

I found this at the bottom of a drawer and loaded it up onto my laptop. I think I may lose lots of my life to this game especially as I'm getting back into WH40K with my son. He's collecting an orc army which I've supplemented with some judicious e-bay purchases (gretchin anyone?).

The other reason I've been playing the game is that my daughter has forced me to promise not to buy any soldiers in Lent. This has had an impact on my willingness to paint. Usually I motivate myself to crack through the grunt units or large units by promising myself that once I've done the current unit I'll get to paint the new hotness whatever that may be. Not getting any new mini's to kick start/refresh my enthusiasm for a period has really reduced my willingness to paint. I didn't think that this would be the case when I agreed as I thought it would be the opportunity to catch up and reduce the lead mountain a bit.
Roll on Easter!
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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

New technology

So I got one of those raspberry things and thought I'd try to see if I could keep the blog more up to date that way. So this is a trial run of a posting.
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So I do update this blog!

So I just realised that I sort of forgot about this blog! To my one follower - sorry and thank you for being interested enough in my ramblings to want to read them as soon as their posted.

So Christmas was the usual round of beer food and presents. Not much on the wargaming front this year, although I did get Tide of Iron and the Rommel expansion. I think this might be a way of getting my 8 year old into Flames of War. This is looking a better option since he has discovered the old WW2 film "the longest day" and now is obsessed with the paratroops, and this was solidified by showing him "A bridge too far" on NYE.

since then I've been relatively busy on the work front, managing to secure a job I'd been waiting for for over a year. This gives me a degree of stability so I can concentrate on other things - like gaming.
I've had a couple of games with Tom (the 8 year old), mainly using 19th century British and Prussians, usually contesting a river crossing and a town. The rules are modified WH40K so that if and when he gets his orks ready, he doesn't have to learn new rules. The main thing is that they are simplified. If anyone wants them leave a comment and I'll post them here.

Finally let me update you on the lead mountain progress:

Bought: 20 28mm US Paras
40 Plastic WOR billmen
15mm Stuart x2
15mm Universal Carriers x3
Protectorate of Menoth starter box/swordsmen/bastions
Warmachine Mark 2 rules
War of the ring rules
10 plastic Catachans
60 28mm WW2 Germans
5 15mm Stugs
15mm 88 PLatoon for FOW
Arnhem book for FOW
4 Howling Banshees

Painted: 40 28mm Zulu warBritish
20 28mm US Paras
20 28mm WW2 British
15mm FOW US para platoon
All the menoth stuff
12 28mm German WW1 Cavalry
4 15mm Italian tankettes
15mm Bergsegali platton for FOW
15mm Italian AT guns x 6
15mm Italian Infantry guns x 6
5 Plague Marines
4 Howling Banshees
10 Catachans
10 Slaanesh daemonettes
5 15mm Stugs
48 20mm Italian ww2 infantry (for my son)
2 15mm stuart tanks
3 15mm bren carriers.

Whew, that is more than I thought. The sad thing is that I don't think I've made much of an impression into the mountain!