Tuesday, 31 March 2015


I've acquired some more 40mm Napoleonics and am using the wash technique again. I really must admit that I like this way of painting but I'm not sure I can translate it to smaller scales. 
I've got a few Baccus 6mm FPW figures as I want to do this era but again am not sure if the scales right for me. I think I'll paint up a few bases then have a go at the 15mm ones I got at Crusade, before seeing which I like more.
The 20mm El Cid figures are painting up nicely and I've gone for 2 on a 40x20 base, as I've lots of these and can go 40x40 for the cavalry. 
I got some bases that I think will be perfect for Blucher but am not sure what size troops to go with. The more I look at the rules I feel that 10mm might be best to give that massed ranks feel, and have 1 base per regiment. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

The state of the hobby

It's now mid March and I realised I had not blogged for a while. In my last post I said I'd lost my mojo and that's pretty much the same thing. I've been buying stuff and so should be inspired but there isn't anything new that grabs me.
I went to Crusade with Tom, and it was as I feared. The number of traders was down and the choice of stuff even further reduced. If you ignore war machine and hordes, and GW stuff then the choice was really slim. I picked up some 15mm FPW figures although I think I'll probably end up doing this era in 6mm to get the big battle feel. I also got some of the em4 ACW figures as at £5 for 20 you can't really go wrong, even if the thought of painting the folded flags fills me with horror. I might have to drill out the premade flag in some of them. 

I've also expanded into 20mm ElCid thanks to EBay and this might be the thing that gets me going again. The chance to paint simple block colours including purples and oranges is very tempting. I've got a job lot so should have enough for a decent Arab army. I've decided on 2 figures on a 40x20 base for the infantry and probably 2 on a 40x40 base for cavalry. If I use some movement trays I can then go with either Hail Caeser or Clash of Empires. 
Next week I'm away with work so no painting then and then it's the Featherstone weekend! The only thing I don't know yet is if I want to be the Paras or 30corps!