Friday, 25 April 2014

This months MWWBG

It seems I'm famous! An article on the Featherstone Weekend was published by Henry in this month's magazine, and it had several photos of yours truly in it. I have to say I think the best shot is of me accepting the prize for "best attitude" which captures the back of my head - undoubtably my best side!

Thursday, 24 April 2014


The Napoleonics have arrived. The Perrys have gone straight on the painting table as I'm keen to see how I do painting the larger scale.
I'm still not sure about the 10mm. They are very good sculpts but it's the scale that may be the problem. I have this nagging suspicion that no sooner will I have painted them then the plastic soldier company will release theirs. I've heard that similar to their ww2 range it may be in multiple scales, so then I'm tempted by their 1/72 range as I've built several of these kits for my son who's playing ww2 in that scale. If the ratio if figures is anything like that of the ww2 range then it might be possible to get large armies cheaply ( 150 15mm or 60 1/72 for £20 or so). Even using big battalion rules ( 40 men regiments) a reasonable brigade will be less than £100 in 1/72 and much, much cheaper in 15mm.
Either way I'll probably end up painting the 10mm first to see if I like the aesthetics etc once they're based. 

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Take 2 scales for the same period?

I recently told you how I've sold all my 28mm Napoleonics as I hadn't used them. As you could have predicted, no sooner had I done so then I wanted to game in that era. This wasn't  helped by looking at all the beautifully painted Napoleonics lining the walls of the Wargames Holiday Centre. Before I new it I was looking sideways at the new Warlord plastics, but managed I resist. The main reason for getting rid of them in the first place was that I didn't have enough for a reasonable sized game, and I've got limited space. So I wasn't going to reinvest in 28mm. Then a little voice said,"you've liked the 18mm blue moon ACW so why not look at their Napoleonics?" 
For some reason, I don't think the way I've based the ACW will work for Naps so I want keen to go down this road, yet. I've previously tried 6mm and didn't like the amount of effort needed to get a good look; I probably also didn't have them based properly. 
At the same time most of the rules that are exciting me currently are for skirmish games. I keep toying with the idea of going down the road of Sharpe Practice. So finally I decided to order some 10mm Pendraken French and some of the 40mm Perry French. I'll paint them up and see which I like the best both in terms of finished product and the process. I think it's likely that I'll keep the 40mm for skirmishes and go to 15/18mm for massed battles but don't want to pre-empty myself. I think the deciding point will be when the Plastic Soldier ones come out. 

Monday, 14 April 2014

I didn't go to salute

Due to a variety of factors I didn't get to go to salute this year. I've been checking desperately online but haven't yet managed to find if there were any new items that might prove to be the next big thing. I had hoped that the PSC Napoleonics would be out or at least previewed, but not a sausage. Hopefully at Warfare?