Wednesday, 23 September 2009

sloow painting

Somehow I managed to start a load of projects but am stalled on all of them. Got some 28mm modern Us delta force with a view to using the ambush alley rules and day of the ranger, but then remembered how much I hate painting cammo (mainly 'cos I can't). So then moved on to some Duchy of Warsaw grenadiers and voltigeurs. Tried to have some economy of effort by finishing some 20mm french line for my son but again the numbers made it hard going. I think it was made worse by doing this following on from a box of Perry plastic Naps. on that subject I think that they are easier to put together than the victorix but with less poses available.

The 20mm plastic US Vietnam are stalled on the undercoat stage.

So the lead mountain stands as follows:

bought = 10 28mm German WW1 marines
10 28mm German Askaris
German a4 tank
british Mark IV tank
no finished projects so +30