Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Is it really 6 months since I Posted?

it seems only yesterday that I was updating my tales of gaming woe. However six whole months have passed. Why the big gap, well things at work are really busy as I've just taken more education on. Now I have to design and run a whole module for the final year undergrads, & on top of that I've started my masters so that has severely cut into gaming time. I have managed to have a couple of games of 40K with the boy (losing them all of course). All this down time has allowed me to really reflect on the hobby. I'm definitely a 28mm gamer so have bitten the bullet and sold all my other scales on Ebay. Then I promptly used the money raised to by the new Warlord Games Zulu boxed set. This I justify as an investment as the siege of Rorke's Drift will fit on the kitchen table and is a firm favourite with the boy (if he sees the film once more I think he will be in it).
Crusade (Penarth) is at the end of the month, so I'm saving my money till then. I thinnk the main purchases will be Cold War Russians/Warsaw Pact for Force on Force, and I may see what deals Warlord are offering for Hail caesar armies. Hopefully once the next essay is in I can spend more time painting etc.

PS - having said I had no time last year, I just worked out that I painted over 800 28mm castings in 2011, what's more surprising that this is MORE THAN I BOUGHT!!!!! The Lead mountain is shrinking at last, time to go shopping then.