Thursday, 14 July 2016

Butterfly nature

No sooner have I posted about my historical passion then I've moved onto something else. I bought the Stormclaw box for the last edition of 40K and left it sitting on the to do pile. Whilst sorting out the shed I found a box of orc raiders from Rogue Trader and felt they needed painting. I've chosen a very simple colour scheme. Since they all have coal scuttle type helmets, they've been given feldblau uniforms with black webbing etc. The guns are valejo gunmetal blue as is the armour plates. With a soft tone wash they are suitably grubby. This inspired me to paint the orcs from the stormreach box, as well as some random Dark angels I found on eBay.
I have the Betrayal at Calth set and I think I've decided to paint the lot as Blood angels as that will give me 6 Chapters: Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Angels of Redemption (DA successor) and Golden Scythes (Space Wolves successors).  That should be enough for any campaign or set of rules.

Monday, 11 July 2016

It's all a matter of scale

My obsession with the late 19th century continues. I sold some 28mm castings and promotly reinvested the money in smaller scales. Although I've got large numbers of 28mm ACW to paint, I've always had a feeling that a smaller scale would be better. I've tried 15mm and 6mm so have gone for 10mm. I've a feeling that my original plan of 30-40 castings on a 100x40 base might look great but not be fit for any ruleset that I might end up using.
I recently bought the Wargaming in History covering the 1866 campaign and have been so impressed with it that I'm thinking about getting other titles in the series. The authors use 10mm figures and a varient of regimental fire and fury. Since I already havr the rules, I picked up a few 10mm FPW figures to try them out. I think I might be doing the same as Henry Hyde and doing 1866 in 6mm and 1870 in 10mm, although I do have a 6mm Bavarian corps to paint.
I think what may happen is that I'll paint both and use them for a bit to see which speaks to me more. It may well be that I end up keeping both scales, but then I wouldn't be the first wargamer to have multiple scales for the same period. I've already decided that the ACW will be Perry in the Virginia theatre and Spencer Smith in the Trans-mississippi.