Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas goodies

so the fat man has come and gone, and what did he leave for me. Well he left a bag of Old Glory Bengal Lancers for my 19th century british army, and US Cavalry command. I have this desire to wargame the Harry Turtledove book `How few remain', so just need some more US now.

I also had a £30 voucher for my FPGS so this translated into a chimera and a Sentinel for my IG army.

My son got a box of tactical marine, scouts with sniper rifles and devastators for his Ultramarine army. He also got the new movie so I look forward to watching that.

This year will be a year of gaming austerity as I need work doing to my house to the blog will be devoted more to pictures of completed projects rather then new ones.

Thanks to all those that bothered to read my idle musings and Happy New Year

Thursday, 2 December 2010

iPhone apps

As pat of my attempt to join the tech savvy crowd, I've upgraded to an iPhone . This has introduced me to the delights of the app store and so I've spent more time thanks healthy searching for gaming apps . I've yet to find one for warhammer or 40k but have downloaded a really good dice roller that allows you to set the number of dice tone rolled and the pass number. It even has a speed roller option to allow only the passed dice to be re-rolled. This could be godsend with the amount of 40k I'll be playing over the holidays with my son. If i find any other good apps I'll post them here.

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