Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The year so far

I've neglected the blog lately as I've not really had anything to add. The 6mm 6 weeks war project continues, but I'm having a break to paint some 6mm ECW figures. They'll overlap on the painting table with some 28mm landwehr. Then I aim to get back to the Spencer Smith ACW.
I went to the Wargames Holiday Centre this weekend for the Featherstone Weekend. This year the battle was Leipzig in 28mm, and we were play testing some rules in the General De Brigade family for larger battles. I can't say much as I promised I wouldn't but they were really rather good and I'll definately be getting a copy when they come out. Amazingly I managed to win the prize for best sport, which was a beautifully painted Command base. All I need now is to get some Poles for him to command! It might have to wait till later in the year, since I've enough to keep me going for the moment.