Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The tally

I'm unlikely to get a large amount of painting done between now and the new year so it seems appropriate to publish the tally:

38 15mm tanks and AFV
5 artillery batteries
64 15mm Hoplites
54 bases of 6mm
753 Spencer Smiths
76 28mm
320 1/72
5 40mm

For a total of 1315 individual bases or figures.
However I bought:
500 Spencer Smiths
100 20mm
200 28mm

And sold over 500 figures.

So I ended up  (I think) with a deficit!
I think it's the first year I've ever been on target to be lead/plastic neutral.
My painting time has reduced and I'm more productive so my plans are as follows:

Paint all the Napoleonic Spencer Smiths.
Paint and game with the Acw figures
Paint and game with the FPW bases
Try to get at least one 3-4 hour gaming session in per month

Happy Hanukkah and see you in the new year

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

More end of year thoughts

Just a few more things that have occurred to me, viz a viz wargaming. This year I have been searching for rules for the periods I've been focused on. The most tricky has been for the late  19th century since ideally I'd like a set of rules that would cover both the Acw and the fpw. That way I'd only have to remember one set so stand a chance of getting it right more often than not. The more I look the more I feel that the only one that might do it is Black Powder, for the reason that it is very generic to start with. Hopefully the Acw supplement is not far off so I can carry on painting till then.

The hoplites have proved a welcome diversion from the 6mm stuff, but I'm itching to have a go at some 30mm Acw Spencer smiths, as well as some plastic Perry versions. My big issue is that the Kalistra 12mm range is very pretty and fits more with the big battle vision. I suppose I could use the 30mm for large skirmishes of a couple units a side in a Longstreet campaign but will have to wait and see. I think the best thing to do is to put the Spencer Smiths next on the paint queue and get a couple of pack of 12mm To do at the same time. He losing scale can then go on eBay!

Monday, 14 December 2015

End of the year approaches

We're having more work done on the house so my chances of getting my painting mojo into full swing are low. I've got 6mm Prussians almost complete and some 15mm Hoplites from war and empire and basecoated. The Hoplites have been great fun to paint. Even in my hands they look good. I've decided on 8 per 60x30 base, so the standard pack  of 24 will give me 3 bases including command. I might go less figures on the same base size for loose order or skirmishing troops. I think cavalry will be four to the base. With standard bases I could use them for several sets of rules.

The Six week war project is ongoing. I think I'll see how BBB works with my base sizes (60x45) and leave the rest of the measurements the same. I'll report back when I've had a chance to game a decent battle. 

The Fatman is approaching, yet this year I've not really asked for anything hobby related. If my wife is desperate I've said to get some landwehr command for the plastic Prussians but otherwise it just a few books. I did ask for the Perry's battle in a box but doubt that will come.

After Christmas will be Crusade, and looking at the list of traders it might be more worthwhile going this year than last. I think much will depend on what comes for Xmas and how much I get done between now and then.