Monday, 22 November 2010

Ebay smeebay

Hello, My name is melvyn and I'm an e-bay addict. I've had this idea of running a mid C19th WW1 for a while now, and have been deciding what scale to do it in. Initially I thought of massed battles using 10mm figures but that meant painting thousands of stands and I stalled after undercoating the Austrians. So onto the ebay purchase. I picked up 500 Helion 28mm castings of 1866 Austrians, so thought mm need some more prussians. Thankfully I lost the auction to win 2000 castings! As I may have mentioned, I'm at risk of having more lead/plastic than I could paint in a lifetime.... And still the Sudan is beckoning!
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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Some more photos

Whilst I come to terms with the enormity of the project I've started with my Austro-prussian war project, I thought I'd post some more photos of yet another game I failed to win against my son. I think I must be misreading the rules( WHH Great War), as I could not find any gun that was capable of penetrating the armour of my tank. So the game degenerated into the two tanks chasing each other around the table failing to damage each other until my infantry decided to fail a morale check and scarper.

Busy year

As I am in the process of transferring to next years diary, I thought I'd tally up my painting stats for this year:
501 28mm Castings painted
2 flames of war platoons, 16 tanks and 7 artillery pieces
104 20mm plastics (for my son's collections)

Overall - not bad.

However in the same period I bought or won more so the unpainted lead mountain has not decreased. In fact one e-bay purchase is about to wipe out the whole years work (500 28mm 1866 Austrians), so back to the drawing board.

I think I might have a year off buying models next year! (tongue firmly in cheek)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Update on painting

last time I posted that I was working on more Nazi zombies. Well these are finished to the point the quickshade is on and once it's dry I'll drybrush the bases with a dark earth colour. Also waiting for bases to be completed are the dark angels veterans and the chaos marines as well as a new unit of 10 imperial guard. Previously my IG were Tallarn and Cadians in a desert camo scheme as they were painted at around the same time as my 28mm modern US troops, (remember them?). This group have been done in feldgrau with black armour and guns. I have to say they look ok, especially when the dip is applied.

Next onto the painting table are a FOW German mortar and HMG platoon, and some WW1 French for variety.

I hope to get through these in the not too distant future so I can move onto the WW2 Russians I WON in a Battlegames competition. Yes a £50 voucher gets you a lot of 28mm Plastic russians from the plastic toy soldier company (3 boxes by adding £5 of my own money, or 171 miniatures). I don't think I'll do all 3 boxes in one go or I'll get bored and stall. Perhaps if I break them up with some sudan fuzzy wuzzies (it will give me an excuse to get some more British for that period), or some Warlord games ECW?

my painting time is limited now as my job has changed slightly so I now have to work shifts including nights, rather than an on-call system. Still it does mean that for 6 weeks in every 12 I only work 9-5 so it can't be all bad.