Thursday, 13 May 2010


drat I won.

games what games?

So I'm moving in the near future, and my wife has put a veto on buying any more lead/plastic. I think this was in response to 2 things. Firstly I've boxed up all my unassembled and unpainted figs (2 large boxes) ready for the move. She wasn't all that impressed when she saw how many there were. This was the same day as 5 regiments of WW1 infantry arrived from Renegade Minis. My usual argument of having ordered them 'ages ago', which whilst true this time, didn't impress her.
she has suggested that I don't need to but anymore until I've 'played with what I've got'! So I'm now desperately trying to finish all the undercoated projects before we move as some of the armies may have to go into storage until I either burglar-proof the shed in our new house or build another.
Ooops. Just remembered, just before she banned my I bid on some eldar, still I might not win them...........