Thursday, 12 June 2014

Painting magpie

As i may have mentioned I'm trying to decide which scale and type of battle for Napoleonics. So far I've only painted the 40mm Perrys and have enjoyed doing it. I'm tempted to try using washes for the French I have left after an recent experiment on some space marines I found at the bottom of a pile. These were done for my youngest son who's decided he wants to an Ultramarines force like his big brother. I normally use a black undercoat but had read an article on a white undercoat then painted with the GW washes; so thought I'd give it a go. The results are ok but I'm not sure that they are any different than my normal way but I have grown to like the use iof a satin or gloss varnish then a matt over the top.

A local hobby shop had a sale and I managed to pick up 40 1:48 scale modem British for £25. Even though I hate building models these weren't too bad and are ok with my existing Taliban and Russians. They are a little bit taller and thinner but look ok on the table top which is the important thing. I'm just dreadeding doing the cammo, but after some success doing SS pea dot I'm hopeful it might be better than my previous attempts.

I've also managed to blitz my way through several packs of 15mm ACW limbers and guns, which I'm quite pround of. The more I do of the 15mm Old Glory or Blue Moon the more I like the scale. I can see the 10mm Napoleonics going on eBay at this rate. I've under coated them using the Army painter French Blue but have no great desire to progress beyond this stage.