Saturday, 18 June 2011

Gaming again!

I managed to get some time the other week to go to my LFPGS with the boy. This time we too k my WW1 troops for a battle through a ruined city. I thought I was going to do ok when I routed his French from one objective with a round of concentrated fire from my Jaegers but then as has happened so many times, some awful roles for morale so the whole of one flank disappear back to Berlin. I thought that I might sneak a victory points win but lost 106-50 (we have our own scoring system based on differences in casualties suffered and inflicted as well as objectives held).
I bought the new D&D 4e red box with the aim of playing it with my two eldest. I have to advise that it is not what I thought it was going to be. The players guide is confusing and is designed to guide you throught he development of one character at a time. I was confused by the end and back in the day I had most of the charts etc memorised. So I've bought the new 4e players handbook and the old 1st edition one from e-bay. I'll see if these make it easier and which version the kids prefer. If they go old school it could mean some more ebay shopping so ......