Sunday, 23 October 2016

The New MW magazine

The first issue of this magazine has arrived. Whilst changes are to be expected with the new editor and board, I was disappointed to see the return of the white text on black background. It is so difficult to read that I must confess I skipped all those pages. I hope that this  will not keep happening, but look forward to the next issue.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Autumn thoughts 3

I'm having a little think about what I really want to do in the hobby. There's stuff going on in the real world that's making me re-evaluate an awful lot of things. At the moment I'm going towards 10mm for a lot of periods. Again I realise that this is a process I've gone through several times in the lifespan of this blog, but the new Pendraken sculpts are lovely. I might stay with 28mm for the Hundred Days and do 10mm for everything else.
With regards to the 10mm I've started with some Austrians, going 8 on a 40x20 base. This would mean that French would be on a 30x20 base, needing me to buy more bases in a different size. I already have 30x30 base so might just see how 6 French castings look on this base.

I was sent some 2mm ACW, and have to say that they look ok. Each 30x30 base represents a regiment or brigade so could allow for some big battles. Having painted up some of the terrain that came with them, I've got the bug so they've jumped up the queue.

The most current things on the painting table are some 10mm CSA and 10mm Austrians. I'll post some photos when they're done.

Autumn plans 2

Colours was a relative disappointment. I managed to pick up some packs of casualty and horse-holders for the ACW project, as well as some 10mm Danish for 1864. Seeing as I 've decided to do 1866 in 6mm and 1870 in 10mm, I might as well allow expansion to other eras. The Pendraken sculpts are tiny masterpieces and I'm looking forward to getting some paint on them.
One minor irritation was not being ablento get the bases I needed. The trader explained that imperial measurement bases are produced to order and if I'd pre-ordered I could have collected them. I think that if items are only done to order then it should be displayed promenently on the website. Who know's it might increase sales?