Tuesday, 13 January 2015

No mojo

We've moved out of our house for a short while as there are building works going on. This means I can't paint:(! I was looking through the lead mountain and realised that given last years stats it would take me 3 years to clear and I haven't had my 28mm winter wars stuff yet. 
Crusade is at the end of the month, and to be honest if it wasn't that the boys want to go, I wouldn't bother. Looking at the list of traders it's less than last year. I might be able to get some 20mm Napoleonics but with no Dave Thomas my chances of picking up any more WSS plastics is low.

Friday, 2 January 2015

2014 a year in review

I've managed to total up my paint in stats for this year and thought I'd share with he world.
936 28mm 
500 15mm and 19 tanks
42 40mm
118 20mm

So as you  can see I've had a fairly productive year despite losing my mojo for part of the year. New eras have been 28mm Landsknechts and 20mm Napoleonics. I'm hoping that I've not chosen the wrong scale for the latter and that with the 200th anniversary of Waterloo coming up, Will at Plastic soldier will release 20mm Napoleonic figures,  but knowing my luck he'll only do 15mm!
I think that this year may also see the ongoing rationalisation of the collection and I'll post as it continues.