Thursday, 17 June 2010

not moving yet

So we're probably not going to move until the end of July, so I've been trying to get through as many of my unpainted figures as I can. The problem is that I've got 72 2nd Edition Orks to paint and then 60 WW2 germans, as well as 30 nazi zombies on the painting table. I think I've stalled, but am forcing myself to wade through them before I go onto something more exciting (like some ECW plastics from Warlord).

I went on a course the other week with work which was held in the Royal Armouries, Leeds. For those of you outside the UK this was built to house the enormous holdings that had outgrown the White Tower in the Tower of London. It is divided into 4 sections. My favourite was the War gallery with a diorama of the battle of Pavia. This was of lifesized Lansdknechts and Gendarmes, and had a audio clip that was designed to be as if a reporter was commentating on the battle in a manner akin to a football game. Very cool.

So hopefully the next post will detail either some gaming or painting, but don't hold you breath.