Friday, 27 March 2009

more thoughts

getting the hang of this blogging lark, I think. Had a good painting session the other night. Managed to almost finish some german sailors to go with my seebattalion. The plan is to get sufficient troops to do an alternative WW 1 set in the late C19th. I've already got enough Zulu war british, especially when I manage to finish the remaining 60 Wargames Factory plastics. My Germans will be a mix of Franco-prussian war foundry and the seebattalion. I don't see why the German's cannot use their navy in the same way the british did.
Managed to download the latest meeples and miniatures podcast and will try to listen to it over the weekend.
In an ideal world I'd be off to salute this weekend, but as I haven't painted all I bought at crusade yet I can't justify the expense.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

More random thoughts.

My delivery from Renegade Minis arrived this morning and I must say how great they are. The packaging was sufficient to allow them to get here unscathed but not enough to destroy the planet. 
I took advantage of their regimental offer and bought the following:
WW1 British and German Infantry (early)
Saxon Cavalry
Celtic slingers and archers
Celtic Chariots.

At first glance all are well sculpted and not a trace of flash anywhere. They are at the larger end of the scale (prob 30mm rather than 28mm) and I hope they will fit in with my Warlord games Celts/Britons, and my artizan/old glory anglo-danish.

Finished a 10mm FPW batalion (Magister Millitum) the other night. They are great little sculpts and the only problem is that I don't think that my painting skills really do them justice.

I'm still experimenting with the camera and hope to post some photo's in the near future.

Right, where did I leave that paintbrush?

Sunday, 22 March 2009


Decided to join the fad for blogging. So hello, I'm Melvyn and I live in Wales, and yes I'm  a wargamer. When I say wargamer I actually mean that over the last 10 years I've probably spent thousands of pounds on little lead men of varying sizes, then hundreds of hours  painting the same with varying degrees of success, but now I come to think of it I've haven't really played a game for about a year. This should all change now that my son Tom has caught the bug and invested his birthday money in a Foundry regiment of Spartans. He's painted them quicker than I would have and has got some reasonable results. his next purchase with the remaining money was a bargain load of Orks he got at Crusade. I'll try to post some photo's when I've figured out how.