Monday, 18 October 2010

More 40K

It was my son's ninth birthday the other day so I've spent the weekend helping him assemble his new space marine battalion (5 scouts, 10 tactical marines, 5 assualt marines and a Rhino) so he can paint them with the new paint set he also received.
Saturday afternoon involved a trip to our FPGS to part with all of his birthday money. He returned with a landspeeder, a ironclad dreadnought and Terminator chaplain and librarian. He wants to paint them in his rugby team colours (gold and blue), so we've been using the Bolter and Chainsword application to devise the precise colour scheme.
All this has got me excited about space marines again so I broke out a box of veterans I'd bought a while ago for my Dark Angels sucessor chaptor. When all is done I'll post some photo's.
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Monday, 11 October 2010

Books - curse them

This month I've been re-reading Dan Abnett's 40K books and that's got me back into 40K. The Nazi zombies are finished and so I've got out some cadians and space marines that were at the bottom of my cupboard. This has delayed me starting a Flames of War campaign with my son, (Market Garden anyone?) I've got this idea about refighting it using guard and orks (with the latter being the germans) or guard vs space marines.

I've managed to get some real e-bay bargains recently. The best of these was one of the old Warhammer regiments boxes. I can't wait to paint these if only for the nostalgia factor. If I remember I'll post some photos here.

Right, back to the 40K rulebook.
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