Sunday, 29 January 2017

Crusade Penarth

Every year I look forward to Penarth's own  wargaming show and every year I'm disappointed. This year was no exception despite the new venue. The show has moved from the leisure centre which although cramped did mean eveything was in one place. Moving to the nearby Secondary School has offered them more space but I'm not sure they made the best use of it.
The main hall had a good mix of traders with Magister Miĺlitum at one end and Warlord Games at the other. Local traders Great Escape Games and Bad Squiddo Games had decent sized stalls on one wall near the door so had a lot of passing trade I think.
The rest of the traders were scattered into adjacent classrooms, some very small so getting in and out was a challenge. I feel sorry for the traders who had stalls in what was obviously a small atrium between classrooms. It did feel that they were being punished, perhaps for not being willing to buy a primium spot in the hall. For most traders I would think, there is a balancing act between buying the best spot you can and ensuring that you don't make a loss on the day.
Sadly the participation and demonstration games was the usual "row of backs to the punters so we can play a big club game". Notable exceptions were the Too Fat Lardies, who were both in attendance together with local 'wargaming celebrity' Mike Hobbs, and their game of "what a tanker" which looked simple and great fun. There were peals of laughter coming from that room all the time I was at the show.
The other exception was a beautiful roman gang game using a "Songs of Blades and Heroes" suppliment. I'm really sorry but I can't remember who was staging it. Each side had 6 gang members and a secret objective. Some of the Gang were good in close combat but others were good at long range with their slingshots. My 10 year old son, Huw,  and I had a great half hour. I managed to set his gang's HQ on fire and if he hadn't of slain my Boss with a lucky slingshot, I'd have won the next time I activated. As it was he won as his objective was to kill my leader.
On the purchases front there weren't many. Huw picked up some not-Lego of WW2 vehicles, and a tank for his  BEF forces in 20mm. I was very restrained. A couple of 10mm  Crimean battalions for this years only new project; some armoured cars to add to my VBCW units, as well as  the new big battalion Napoleonic rules "Grand Battles Napoleon" which I hope will do exactly what it says. The final purchase was Commands & Colours: Napoleonics which I have been after for a while and has only just come back into print.
So, would I go again next year? Again I'm not sure. I was hoping to visit Dave Thomas' stand but it appeared he had not come despite being on the website advert. I think I might save my brownie points up and go either to Salute or Warfare, probably the latter as it's easier to get to.
So good marks for the new venue being light and airy and easy to park. Bad marks for traders and the layout. Overall 6/10, could do much better.

Friday, 20 January 2017

2016 stats

Sorry for neglecting the blog but there's been a lot of real life going on recently so I haven't really been doing much hobbywise recently.
I did get some 28mm Napoleonic Austrians from the fat man so I think I'll do post 1809 in 28mm and pre in 10mm. As I also got the Grandest manner rules this will allow me to use both varients.
So onto the statistics. I thought I'd present them in a slightly different manner :

28mm 333 painted and 841 bought =+508

15mm 284 painted and 940 bought= +656

10mm 674 painted and 300 bought= -374

6mm 67 bases painted and 40 bases bought = -27

Spencer Smiths
      790 painted and 730 bought = -60

AFV 15 painted and 10 bought =-10

20mm 248 painted and 730 bought = +482.

I think that shows my focus this year has been on the smaller scales, yet I' ve still managed to get through a fair amount of painting.

The plan for 2017 is to attempt to make a dent in the lead/plastic mountain. I may have a small splurge at Crusade next weekend but after that I think I'll try not to buy anything till Warfare in November. As things stand now I don't have any academic calls upon my non work time ao hopefully I can just get on with stuff. I'm also aiming to have at least one miniatures game a month, even if it is only X-wing against my Son.