Friday, 20 January 2017

2016 stats

Sorry for neglecting the blog but there's been a lot of real life going on recently so I haven't really been doing much hobbywise recently.
I did get some 28mm Napoleonic Austrians from the fat man so I think I'll do post 1809 in 28mm and pre in 10mm. As I also got the Grandest manner rules this will allow me to use both varients.
So onto the statistics. I thought I'd present them in a slightly different manner :

28mm 333 painted and 841 bought =+508

15mm 284 painted and 940 bought= +656

10mm 674 painted and 300 bought= -374

6mm 67 bases painted and 40 bases bought = -27

Spencer Smiths
      790 painted and 730 bought = -60

AFV 15 painted and 10 bought =-10

20mm 248 painted and 730 bought = +482.

I think that shows my focus this year has been on the smaller scales, yet I' ve still managed to get through a fair amount of painting.

The plan for 2017 is to attempt to make a dent in the lead/plastic mountain. I may have a small splurge at Crusade next weekend but after that I think I'll try not to buy anything till Warfare in November. As things stand now I don't have any academic calls upon my non work time ao hopefully I can just get on with stuff. I'm also aiming to have at least one miniatures game a month, even if it is only X-wing against my Son.

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