Sunday, 29 November 2009

More painting

Since the last post I've finished the WW1 Germans, and have moved onto some more napoleonics - Russians this time. They need basing and dipping but are otherwise done. Finally finished the Vietnam US but not very impressed. I still want to game the era, and after the latest Wargames illustrated I've decided to try 10mm from Pendraken rather than the 15mm in the article.

My son has got into 40K so I've been adding to his ork army slowly as I get the chance. This stuff doesn't really do it for me, although I keep wanting to paint some space marines as clone troopers.

My good intentions were ruined by a rip to Warfare at the end of the month. I spent more than I intended - including on a 15mm ECW army to pad out stuff bought on e-bay and then won a 28mm Army on e-bay as well! so skirmish level and massed battles await I think.

Lead Mountain

Bought 15mm ECW - covenantors army
28mm ECW parliament
15mm Marburian infantry
10mm Vietnam Us and VC

Painted 20mm US Vietnam x 48
28mm Russian Napoleonics x 50.
15mm ECW Covenantors x 40

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

quiet time

So October was a quiet month. A combination of work trips and week in the sun with the family have eaten into the painting time. However I managed to finish the bicorned french and have just got the webbing to do ono my askaris and marines. I tried a new colour on the askaris - the gw iyadan darksun - a sort of yellowy brown. A the moment it looks too yellow but I'm hoping that once dipped it will look sun-weathered.
No new e-bay stuff though so I might actually have reduced the mountain!

Bought - none

Painted - none