Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Ch ch changes

If you've followed my random thoughts on wargaming then you might remember me swearing off the smaller scales and nailing my colours to the 28mm mast. Yes well, I think I've now realised that different periods need different scales. I tried 28mm and 10mm for the FPW, and wasn't that keen on either. Perhaps it was that they were some of my earliest armies before I really cared about painting consistently, or perhaps it was that I never had enough to to inspire me. Anyway, I've recently been dabbling in 6mm for the same period. Using Baccus figures and 60x45 bases, I can get somethings that looks like a regiment to a base. Even with my simplistic basing technique (brown paste and a bit of green painted sand), it looks right. I've decided that six strips with line to command being 5:1, and then 8 skirmishes in front is the correct thing to do. It might be my enthusiasm but I'm cranking out units by the score. I think I'm up to a division of infantry with a couple of regiments of cuirassiers and some j├Ągers.