Wednesday, 20 August 2014

More Landsknechts

Another 16 Landsknechts have crossed the painting table. These were from Foundry and are bracing their pikes. I've got enough now for a little force and I'll probably add to it as time goes on; especially if pro Gloria have a kickstarter for their plastic range.
I got the new crusade Saga rules this weekend and am looking longingly at the gripping beast plastic Arabs. Again my magpie nature is revealed as I've just sold a 28mm Arab army that I hadn't painted in years!
Another new addition is the Rebellion supplement for BP. It really is what you want for a codex type release as it goes into uniform details and orders of battle for the major engagements. Plus it's full of lovely pictures of Perry figures. Although I'm doing the Awi in spencer smiths, I'm almost tempted to get a box of each of the Perry plastics to do musket and tomahawk (the skirmish rules from the makers of Saga), but after the success of the 40mm Napoleonics I'm tempted to go this scale for the FIW.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

I'm gonna wash that man.....

I've finished the Landsknechts and added to them with a box of Perry plastic mercenaries. What was useful was that the perry sprues had pole-arm heads to convert the pikes. I used these to convert a group of GW spearmen from an old Empire box set into halbardiers for my Landsknechts. 
I've finished the airfix modern British and still hate camouflage! I tried to do the latest multi terrain cammo but I think it might be a bit too grey. It darkened nicely with the ink wash (agrax earth shade) but I'm still unhappy. The 40 men make just over a platoon so skirmishing is the way forwards.