Saturday, 28 August 2010

More new photo's

the second game was WH40K with orks going up against the mighty verdigris angels (a Dark angel successor chapter) I think the pictures speak for themselves and you can guess who won (not me)!

Long promised photos

So here as promised are some photos of the games I played recently with my son Tom. this is from the imaginary 19th century British vs Germans battle using Warhammer Great War rules. Tom was the Germans and managed to advance despite the well entrenched 24th foot (2nd battalion redeployed urgently from South Africa so still in colonial uniforms)

I hope the uniforms come out, I have to say that I'm fairly proud of the painting here but still happy to admit that even on a good day it's only mediocre

Saturday, 14 August 2010

hurrah back on line

It only took my IP 30 working days to reconnect me after my move, so haven't been able to post for a while. In that time I've moved house, unpacked most of the boxes, and even managed to get a game of 40K in against my son. Just a quick 1500 pointer of orks vs space marines, yet predictably I lost! i just can't help rolling badly. It gets even more embarrassing when my deep striking terminators deviated into firing range of his gretchins; who managed to roll outstandingly (30 grotblasters hitting on 6 managed 20 hits!), and I then rolled awfully (saving on 2+ only managed to save half of them) to see the unit wiped out before firing a shot!

I'm thinking of giving up or investing in some loaded dice (just to even things up honest).

So I finished the ork painting marathon and somehow got diverted from my projects to painting my son's 20mm Celts and Romans which I've based for warhammer ancients.

when I get through these I'll probably move onto some 28mm WW1 or some el-cid islamic armies, although I've got some itching to paint some more space marines or possibly some plastic vikings from gripping beast or............