Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A year of frugal gaming

She who must be obeyed has decided that I spend too much on little lead men ( or plastic). This has caused me to put some of the projects I'll never get around too, often bought when they were the new hotness, on ebay. Yes I may actually earn more from the site than I spend this year.
So what am I going to do this year, (yes I realise almost a quarter of the year has gone but hey cut me some slack). I think I'll aim to finish my 19th Century WW1 project (apart from the Austrians), and try to get all my FOW stuff done.
I'm coming to realise that I probably don't like history, as all the projects that have got me thinking in the last couple of months have been for alternative history, especially with the release of Dystopian wars. I thought I could use the main rules for the fleet and air actions, then use my modified WHGW rules to do the land battles at a company level, with the dystopian rules for the large battles (Kursk type stuff anyone). Then I read Harry Turtledove's 'Hitler's War' (WW2 starts in 1938 over the Sudetenland), and before I new it I'd bought a BEF platoon for FOW with thoughts of using Old Glory Dutch as Czechs.
But now I'm reading the Peter Tsouras book disaster at d-day and thinking about trying to game that....
Perhaps I should stop reading for a bit?